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Fresh Vegi Specials

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We love Vegetarians so we have different exotic vegetable dishes. All our meal served with choice of Rice or Naan.

Vegi Lovers

Chana Masala ... $9.00
Delicious chickpeas cooked in an exotic blend of Indian spices
Aloo Gobi ... $9.50
Fresh cauliflower & potatoes cooked to perfection along with tomatoes and herbs
Palak Paneer ... $9.50
Fresh spinach and house-made cheese cubes with spices
Aloo Palak ... $9.00
Fresh potatoes and spinach cooked in a tangy sauce
Vegetable Masala ... $10.00
Fresh seasonal vegetable cooked with special creamy spices
Paneer Tikka Masala ... $10.50
Marinated cubed cheese grilled and cooked in a delicious creamy sauce
Bindi Masala ... $9.00
Fresh okra cooked with chopped onions, tomatoes, ginger and spices


Vegetable Kurma ... $10.00
Mixed Vegetable cooked with Coconut & Cream
Matter Paneer ... $10.00
Green peas cooked with house-made cheese and creamy sauce
Tarka Daal ... $9.00
Chef’s special lentil full of nutritious flavor seasoned with freshly ground spices and sauteed butter
Baigan Bharta ... $9.00
Smashed egg planed cooked with sheaf special ingredient
Malai Kufta ... $10.00
Cheese potato ball cooked with sheaf sauce
Chili Paneer ... $10.50
Cheese potato ball cooked with sheaf sauce
Navaratan Korma ... $10.00
Mixed vegetables and cashews cooked in mild cashew, onion and cream based sauce
Dall Makhni ... $9.00
Black lentils and kidney beans seasoned with freshly ground herbs and cooked on a slow fire
Kadai Paneer ... $10.00
Paneer cheese sauteed with bell peppers, onions and blend of spices