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Rajma Chicken Specials

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Chicken Special

Served with choice of Basmati Rice or Naan

Chicken Tikka Masala .... $12.50
Marinated boneless cubed chicken grilled in tandoori oven and cooked in a delicious creamy sauce
Chicken Korma ... $10.00
Boneless chicken cooked with tangy sauce and spices
Butter Chicken ... $12.50
Boneless Tandoori Chicken cooked spices served with creamy sauce
Chicken Karahi ... $11.00
Chicken cooked in a special sauce seasoned with spices, tomatoes, ginger, and cilantro
Chicken 65 ... $12.00
Boneless chicken cooked with fresh curry leaf, chili sauce ginger & garlic sauteed
Chicken Achari ... $10.00
Boneless chicken cooked with Mango pickle, herbs, and fresh spices
Chicken Palak ... $10.00
Boneless chicken cooked with spinach, herbs and fresh spices
Chicken Curry ... $10.00
Boneless chicken cooked authentic Indian spices
Chicken Vindaloo ... $11.00
Chicken cooked with potatoes in tangy curry sauce
Chicken Rogan Josh ... $11.00 
Chicken cooked with paper, tomato with sauteed garlic
Chicken Mughlai ... $12.00
Creamy chicken curry with almond, onion and house spices
Chicken Pasanda ... $11.00
Boneless Chicken cooked with Coconut powder sugar & Almond Boneless Chicken cooked with seasonal green herbs
Hara Masala Murgh ... $11.00
Boneless Chicken cooked with seasonal green herbs
Chili Chicken ... $11.00
Marinated chicken sauteed with Onions, bell peppers, Ginger, Garlic, Soya sauce, and Chili sauce
Kadai Chicken ... $11.00
Marinated chicken sauteed with Onions, Tomatoes, Ginger, Garlic, Cardamoms, Cloves, and Green Chili